Our product portfolio consists of: Power cables for Low, Medium and High Voltage (LV, MV, HV); Fire-resistant and Halogen-free Power Cables; Flexible Rubber Cables – LV and MV; Communication Cables and Wires; Industrial and Computer Network Cables; Optical cables; Radio Frequency Cables; Command and Control Flexible Cables; Wiring Cables and Conductors; Home Appliances and Electric Equipment Flexible Cables; Compensation Thermocouple cables; RF cables and Tone-frequency conductors; Hear Resistant Silicone Cables; Aerial Power Cables; Enameled and Winding wires.


Used for transferring and distribution of electrical power for switching installations and outdoor installation or for interior installation in rooms, in canals, tunnels, shafts or pits, at rated voltage Uo/U to 0,6/1 kV with frequency 50 Hz. Upon request for resistance to atmosphere influence and sunlight radiation, is produced cable type SVT-s, with resistant sheath.

Used for transfer and distribution of electrical power for switching installation and in static installations, at rated voltage Uo/U to 0,6/1 kV with frequency 50 Hz.These cables are used for indoor installations, in the open air, in ditches, tunnels, canals and shafts.
FILKAB offers a wide selection in the following product groups - Power cable accessories, Heating cables and accessories, Cable accessories for overhead lines, Telecommunication cable accessories, Cable terminals, Fixing products, MV and HV electrical equipment, Insulators, Lightning protection devices, surge arresters, Tools, personal protective equipment, draw-in tape.
The product selection of Electrical installation materials includes Electrical switches and sockets for flush and surface mounting with various IP ratings; Structured cabling systems; Electrical products and devices – multi-socket outlets and plugs, boiler panels and regulators, fans, lamp holders, electricity meters and tariff timepieces, signaling devices, etc.; Electrical conduits and accessories for residential and underground cabling; Wiring boxes and accessories for flush and surface mounting with various IP ratings; Cable trunkings and accessories; Cable tray systems; Cable manholes and accessories; Insulation material.


FOCUSED ON THE ESSENTIALS – simplicity, quality, durability


GETTING IT JUST RIGHT, Modern design, a full range of mechanisms, a variety of 11 colors cover plates


MAKES LIFE EASIER… With its sleek and elegant designs, the Asfora range delivers everything today’s wiring devices should. Your customers will appreciate the ease-of-use and wide range of everyday functions offered by Asfora wiring devices, designed to be as pleasing to the touch as they are to the eye. 6 colors, 50+ basic functions, Up to 6 gangs.


SLIM IS BEAUTIFUL. Sedna 8mm… of pure design. Offer to your customers an original alternative to traditional white switches and sockets. With its streamlined design and elegant colors, the Sedna rang will give you the edge you are looking for.


ODACE Styl - Style was never this easy, ODACE Touch - Designed with feeling.


SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR HOME - The most complete modular range of electrical switches and contact outlets.

Valena Life/Allure

THE EVOLUTION THAT TRANSFORMS YOUR DAILY LIFE - With the Valena range of products and finishes, you can meet the requirements of all your customers.
FILKAB offers to its clients lighting equipment for residential, commercial, public and industrial buildings, as well as, solutions for street and park lighting. The wide selection includes: Lamps, Start and control equipment, Luminaires, Poles and fixing elements for street and park lighting.

Smart lamps and lighting fixtures WiZ

What is WiZ Connected? Answer: Smart lighting system. In fact, behind this boring wording lies so much comfort, luxury and fun! Connecting to your home Wi-Fi network allows you to detect an unsuspected side of the lighting at home: you can switch, change, color, set schedules, create chaos and everything is as easy as a game!
Filkab offers a wide range of products in the following groups - distribution and protection equipment, control gear, modular installation devices, industrial plugs and sockets, distribution switchboards, electrical plugs and sockets, drive technology, relays, sensors and limit switches, control and signaling devices. Industrial automation equipment- programmable logic modules and controllers, universal power supplies, visualization and control equipment; Process automation – pressure and temperature meters, level and flow meters, process controllers and recorders; Building automation systems.