H01N2-D 100/100V 1x10,00 mm2

H01N2-D 100/100V 1x10,00 mm2

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1.71 Euro/M
Number of Wires 1
Test Voltage AC, V 1000V
Cross-section of Wires 10
Nominal Voltage Uo/U, V 100/100V
Insulation NR neoprene
Conductor Material Cu
min Ambient Temperature, °C -40°
Outer Diameter D*, mm 9.7

Rubber welding cable
Application - Cable with rubber sheath, used for connection of electrodes in welding chain of electric arc welding machines for operating voltage up to 100V.

Construction -
Stranded Cu wires or tinned Cu wire cl. 6 acc. to DIN VDE 0295 IEC 60228 (with tinned Cu core on request)
Separator over conductor
Outer sheath: chloroprene rubber NR (neoprene)
Outer sheath colour: black

Technical data -
Welding cable acc. to BDS 50525-2-81
Ambient temperature: fixed installation -40°С - +80°С

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